1. If you do not already have a Pay Pal account - then - open one here - and click in the "Sign Up" link at the top of the page. By opening a Pay Pal account together with an eBay account - you can buy, sell and pay for items from anywhere in the world. Once having opened your Pay Pal account - you will need to link a bank account to it so that you can pay for items bought through an eBay auction as well as sending money to anyone you wish. You can also link a credit card to your PayPal account. Your Pay Pal account can also be used to pay any eBay fees. Having a Pay Pal account also allows you to fund your "Skype" account as well - in the event you want to make "Skype Out" calls from your computer to any standard landline or mobile telephone number worldwide. Computer to computer voice calls - are of course - free on "Skype". "Skype Out" calls from your computer to landlines in the US, UK, Australia are the equivalent of just - US$0.024 per minute. That's less than 2 and a half cents per minute.

2. You will need an email address of course - because all Pay Pal accounts are identified by your email address. When you send money to another Pay Pal member - you send it to the email address they have registered with Pay Pal.

3. To send money to The Global Fund For Peace, Justice And Development - log on to your Pay Pal account and click the - "Wallet" tab.

4. From the list of registered credit or debit cards - or - the bank account you have registered with PayPal - select your preferred option from the list. Then click - "Set as preferred" - in the middle of the page. You need to choose either - PayPal balance - or - a bank account you will need to register with PayPal in order to make sure any gift you send is free of any charges.

5. Another page opens with the heading - "Choose your preferred way to pay online". Make your selection - then click - "Confirm."

6. Another page may open confirming which method you have selected to pay online. Click - "Done".

7. Now go to the top line and select the - "Send & Request" tab.

8. Another page opens entitled - "Send money to." There is a box asking you to enter either - a name - email address - or - phone number. Enter the following email address - - click "Next".

9. A new page entitled - "What's this payment for? Click - "Sending to a friend".

10. A new page opens where you enter the amount - then click on the down arrow underneath to select the currency you wish to send in. UK£ - US$ - Euro or A$ - is preferred - but you can send any currency if you wish.

11. Then click on the - "Add a note" tag.

12. It is very important that you type the following message into that box - EXACTLY as shown - so that we can contact you if necessary in relation to your gift - and - to maintain the balance of your contributions with the Global Fund.
" Hi. In appreciation for a job well down. Cheers.
[Your name - city - state - country - your email address - Amount]
[ eg Robert Jones - Royal Leamington Spa - Warwickshire - U.K. - - UK£10.00] "

13. Carefully check all spelling in the message - in particular your email address - then click on the "Continue" button.

14. A new box opens entitled - "How would you like to pay? Select either from - "Your PayPal balance" - or - "Your preferred bank account." Click - "Next".

15. The final summary page opens showing all the details. Make sure the email address at the top says - - then click - "Send Money Now".

16. The transaction is now complete and you can now log off your PayPal account.

17. You hereby acknowledge and agree that your gift herewith shall be treated as your material and personal support for the aims and objectives of The Global Fund For Peace, Justice And Development as delineated in the "Mission Statement".

18. If - The Global Fund For Peace, Justice And Develpment - can provide the catalyst and the means of achieving these objectives in a spirit of goodwill and co-operation between all peoples - without the risk of harm - or loss of life - to one more person - in any part of the world - then it's role will be both worthwhile and justified.